Bring the Jubilee

Campaign Journal of Nik the Crow - Session 6

Adventures in the Worldwound - Session 6

Session 6.
Entry 1.
We began to move into the courtyard. Bastion hustled up and reported that he thought he’d seen some movement a short ways off. Fearful that it could be an attempt by the denizens of the chapel to summon help, Bastion set off to scout the area and intercept any attempts to alert others to our presence.
Entry 2.
As he set off, the rest of us moved on. The first place that we chose to investigate turned out to be an abandoned stable. The roof had partially collapsed, and the doorway at the back was blocked by rubble. We found several piles of chewed bones within, the remnants of something’s meals it would seem. Over in the corner we found a pile of ruined and rusted weapons, mostly. Within we were able to recover several cold iron and magical weapons, along with a little gold. Not bad for exploring a ruined stable.
Entry 3.
We next went to investigate the ruined chapel. There were several means of entry, so being adventurers, we choose to kick open the double doors. Within was a desecrated chapel. The statues had all been defaced and the walls covered with runes and script dedicated to Kabriri. 5 ghouls and 2 ghoul clerics immediately moved to attack, another ghoul made a beeline out a side door.
Entry 4.
The priests attempted to split our attention by dropping a couple spiritual weapons to attack Arthas and myself. Unfortunately for them, I was able to step away and dispel them both. I was able to then begin summoning. I dropped some elementals in their midst to take some of the pressure of Emp and Ram in the front ranks. The ghouls went down pretty quickly, the priests were a bit tougher.
Entry 5.
As we fought, 2 items of note occurred. The first being that a bell began to ring nearby. Undoubtedly the escaped ghoul signaling for help. Then, the side door burst open and 2 babau’s entered the room. Luckily, we’d just finished off the ghouls and didn’t have to fight 2 sets of enemies at the same time. I dropped a summoning shield over the area to prevent them from summoning in anymore demons. I then sent in my elementals.
Entry 6.
The others moved in to attack. One of the babau’s cast an enchantment of darkness over the room. When Emp and Arthas moved in to engage, the babau’s tore them up and left them bleeding on the ground. Luckily, my elementals were able to inflict full damage upon them and between the earth elementals and Ram, we finally put the demons down. Ram healed Emp and Arthas enough to get them back on their feet.
Entry 7.
We made a quick search of the chamber. Remembering a comment made by Sosiel the day before, we paid particular attention to the altar. After close scrutiny, we discovered a secret compartment within. It was filled with healing potions, dozens of them! We made liberal use of them to heal our injuries. We made a note to collect the remainder to distribute to our army.
Entry 8.
Then next room was the chapel’s old mess hall. From the looks of the place, the only beings that had eaten any meals there in some time were ghouls. Over in the corner we saw a knotted rope that lead up into a hole in the ceiling. It seems that we have found the rope pull for the bell that we’d heard prior. There was nothing of value here and we quickly moved on.
Entry 9.
Moving on, we found the “lord of the manor”. He was an armored nabasu. Waiting with him in the room that had been converted to his bedchambers were 4 ghouls. Emp, who had shifted into his werewolf form, charged right in to engage. This meant that the ghouls were able to move up and cut him off from us. In the end it didn’t really matter. We took out the ghouls with little trouble and the demon didn’t seem to be able to do much damage to Emp. He, on the other hand was able to smite the nabasu with devastating effect.
Entry 10.
We quickly searched the room. We found some useful items and some coin in a strongbox. We will put these to good use. The rest of the ruined chapel held nothing of interest and after searching the last of the rooms, we exited into the courtyard via a side door.
Entry 11.
We’d just exited when we were hit by a spell of holding! Luckily, all but Arthas were able to shake off the effects. We’d been targeted by a nabasu that was perched upon the roof of the ruined stable. This one looked to be stronger than the last one we’d fought. I summoned an air elemental to engage, then dispelled the hold upon Arthas. The nabasu then flew down to enter melee. I summoned another elemental and sent it to join the battle. The demon then began attacking us with pulses of negative energy. We were able to resist most of them, but we still felt some of the draining attacks take hold.
Entry 12.
Despite the beast’s best efforts, once we were able to surround it, we eventually were able to overcome it through sheer force of arms. As we stood victorious over its remains, we knew that we’d been lucky. We were all feeling weakened and exhausted. Hopefully these effects will only be temporary.
Entry 13.
Before we returned to our cap, we took some time to remove the profane influences upon the place. I removed the unholy aura that permeated the old chapel while the others scourged the blasphemous runes of Kabriri from the walls. Our efforts must have pleased someone, for as we finished, Radiance began to glow with a holy light. Emp told us that he felt the power of the blade increase. That’s good, we need every edge that we can get.
Entry 14.
We gathered up the cache of healing potions and departed the area. We’d not made it far when Bastion rejoined us. He reported that the movement that he’d seen turned out to be a pack of ghouls leaving the area. While we cleared the chapel, he’d been stalking and eliminating the undead vermin. Hopefully this means that we will be able to reach Drezen undetected. For now though we need some time to rest and recover. I also made plans to take my evening meal with Nurah. I’ll make sure to bring her her dinner for the time being. Perhaps some pleasant dinner conversation and a friendly ear will help her see us as friends and comrades. I’d like to have her solidly in our corner (or at least on the path to being there) by the time we reach Drezen.



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