Bring the Jubilee

Campaign Journal of Nik the Crow - Session 8

Adventures in the Worldwound - Session 8

Session 8.
Entry 1.
We launched the attack to claim the courtyard of the citadel. It was held by a garrison of 2 armies; 1 of dretches, the other an army of cultists and tieflings. Between the Knights and the Defenders, they fell before us. Seeing as Irabeth had the battle in hand, we retired to the camp to rest and recover from our battle with Soltengrebbe.
Entry 2.
Irabeth had us awakened 8 hours later. It was early morning and our forces had just finished clearing the courtyard of the remaining demonic forces. A bulk of the army was sent back to camp to rest, the remainder was split. Half was tasked to occupy the remainder of the city whilst the others were charged to serve as part of our vanguard. It would be too costly to attempt a siege upon the citadel, thus we will once again act in a strike team capacity. We will breach the citadel defenses and our troops will follow behind to secure our gains.
Entry 3.
Before proceeding, we sent Bas out to do some reconnaissance of the area. Hopefully he can locate a secondary means of entrance that will preclude us from having to mount a frontal assault. While he was gone, we consulted with Aron. He provided us with a map of the citadel and pointed out some of the notable locations. Perhaps Nurah might have some insights to offer as well? Bas returned shortly thereafter and while he did find some gaps in the citadel walls, they did not seem passable enough to allow us entry. It seems that the front door it will be.
Entry 4.
Our first target was the citadel gatehouse. The outer doors were not secured and we entered without challenge. As we progressed, 2 brimoraks attacked from 2 side doors. The others took care of the first one while I delayed the 2nd. This gave the others time to take care of the 1st one and then the 2nd fell quickly. We then secured the gatehouse and moved onward, up the ramp to the citadel’s main gates.
Entry 5.
These outer doors were also not secured. It was rather dark within so Bas slipped inside first to check the area. The entry hall wall blocked by a closed portcullis. The wall to the right had arrow slits while the left-hand wall was open to the next area via a breach. Bas popped over via his shadow step and found that the doors in that room were false. He then discovered that the pile of rubble that served to divide the 2 rooms was in fact an illusion that served to cover a pit trap, which he avoided. He then alerted us to this. In doing so he revealed himself to the archers hidden behind the other wall who promptly fired!
Entry 6.
I sent a couple elementals through the wall after them. Bas then joined them via shadow step and between them the archers swiftly fell. While they were fighting; Emp, Ram and Arthas moved up to the portcullis and through sheer muscle power (mostly Arthas’s) they lifted the portcullis so we could move forward.
Entry 7.
The next set of doors was locked. I was unable to open it with a knock spell. After some effort, Bas was finally able to pick the lock and open the door. It seems that our efforts to gain access had not gone unnoticed. For when we opened the door, we beheld 2 vrocks dancing? This is not good! I’ve heard that when 2 vrocks work together in a dance, they can perform a ritual that can damage their enemies. We must try and stop them.
Entry 8.
I summoned 2 hound archons and sent them against the 1st vrock who identified itself as Konneshka. Ram and Emp both charged in to attack, Arthas began to coordinate the attack while Bas stepped up next to it so as to catch it with a flanking attack. Despite a furious volley of blows, we were unable to disrupt the dance in time and we all were injured by the rituals lightning attack. Bas, Arthas and the archons also took injury from the spores that were released by the vrock. We overcame both vrocks through sheer force of arms. Once they were dead a bit of holy water served to remove the spore infestations.
Entry 9.
We moved off to the left in the direction of the vault where the Sword of Valor was kept originally. First we needed to pass through an old chapel. Upon opening the doors, we were surprised to see 4 crusaders sitting in the pews. Behind the altar stood Iomedae? The visage claimed to be a vision of The Inheritor, come to bless us on our quest. She seemed sincere, but it didn’t feel right. How could a visage of Iomedae manifest here? Why wouldn’t she have come to us before we entered or at a time of need? Emp had no such doubts, he charged, crying out that she stank of evil!
Entry 10.
The false Iomedae then called upon her crusaders to defend her. They rose to attack. Bas moved to engage and struck one, dropping him, luckily he was only unconscious. We yelled to Bas not to injure them. Emp needed his support, I could handle the crusaders. First though, I had another task. The visage called to Ram to aid her and he responded by attempting to attack Emp. Luckily, I was able to dispel the charm effect. Arthas then moved to attack while I “distracted” the crusaders with a web spell. I then sent an elemental to aid the others. Between our attacks we prevailed. As she fell, her false visage faded and the instant before she discorporated, we saw that we’d been fighting a succubus!
Entry 11.
We stabilized the fallen crusader and restrained the others before the web faded. A quick search revealed the secret door to the outer vault that was marked on Aron’s map. That will be our next target. In the meantime, we drug the charmed crusaders back into the main hall and turned them over to our advance squads, we will keep them detained until we can remove their charm effects.



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